Daily Bible Readings 11th December

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  • Job 13
  • Nahum 3
  • 1 Peter 1
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Do we understand from verses 18-21 of 1 Peter 1 that the need for the Redeemer, by whose sacrifice we are redeemed from death, was anticipated "before the foundation of the world"? If so, what does this mean for our understanding of the world as it was originally created? See questions and discussion at Before the foundation of the world — and by all means contribute there if you wish!

Edit this page to add discussion about the Daily Readings relevant to this wiki. However the New Testament readings are visited twice a year, so please put discussion and comments about 1 Peter 1 on page DR:N611_C11, which is automatically embedded here. (Click to leave this page and edit it.) {{Ak|