Daily Bible Readings 15th September

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  • 2 Kings 21
  • Ezekiel 11
  • Luke 7
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Does our understanding of the "heart" in Ezekiel 11:18 help us to read beliefs embedded in the Bible that do not accord with modern medicine? Do we need to explain away the hardened, stony heart and what God will do with it?
 * Luke is respected for his medical knowledge, but with advances in biomedical science the ancient classification of diseases into chronic "infirmities" (νόσοι) and acute "plagues" (μαστίγες) is no longer helpful. Similarly, we do not believe that "evil spirits" account for mental disorders, but this does not interfere with our acceptance of Luke's gospel as the inspired word of God. Does this commonsense reading of verse 21 help us to interpret other Bible passages, such as those that assume Heliocentrism? Why did it not help the church authorities who persecuted Galileo and Giordano Bruno?

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