Daily Bible Readings 16th June

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 * Isaiah 40:3 is cited by Mark in a composite quotation of three Old Testament passages. (Mark 1:2-3) Are there links between all three?
 * Isaiah 40:22 was motivation for founders of the "International Flat Earth Society" in the 20th Century. Were they misreading it? How?
 * Does God still stretch out the heavens? (Is this a fair question?)
 * Compare the "Beginning" theme in 1 John with the beginning of his Gospel — and of the Bible!
 * What types of knowing are there? What types of knowledge does John mean in ch. 2:3? Is scientific knowledge also good for any spiritual purpose?
 * The recipients of 1 John had been hearing "from the beginning" (ch. 2:7) — does this shed light on the claim that John's reference to "the beginning" validates a particular interpretation of Genesis?

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