Daily Bible Readings 17th September

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  • 2 Kings 24,25
  • Ezekiel 13
  • Luke 9
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * The sad story of the (apparently) demon-possessed boy in Luke 9:38-42 is commonly thought to justify belief in supernatural powers of evil. On the other hand it can be argued that such demons do not exist, and that modern medical science can explain and even cure such problems: thus it was only the spectators who had this belief! Can we make similar allowances for other ancient beliefs, such as God's active involvement in the weather, or in the development of babies in the womb? People who take this line of thought all the way to accepting biological evolution sometimes speak ironically about Theistic Meteorology and Theistic Embryology — do they have a point?
 * A discussion of how to understand Luke's use of medical language is here.

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