Daily Bible Readings 20th December

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  • Job 25-27
  • Zechariah 2,3
  • Jude
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * If we could be sure that Job truly was the first drama ever written, would it make a difference to how we read these three chapters?
 * Is it remarkable that Job 26:7 says God "hangs the earth on nothing"?
 * Do you believe in "the pillars of heaven" (v.11)?
 * What's this about "Zaphon" in verse 7? Did the Psalmist believe in the Canaanite storm god Baʿal-Zephon? Could it simply be a dead metaphor for "north" as in Genesis 13:14?
 * Why does Job mention the sea dragon Rahab (v.12) and Leviathan, the "twisting sea serpent" (v.12-13)? How do these references affect his speech in this chapter?
 * Jude mentions the apocryphal book of Enoch: does this mean that it is inspired?
 * Does verse 4 of Jude apply to Christadelphians who understand evolution to be true, as has been claimed?

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