Daily Bible Readings 23rd December

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  • Job 31,32
  • Zechariah 8
  • Revelation 5,6
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Is it fair, when Bible believers who accept Theistic Evolution draw an analogy with the "miracle" of human birth as described in Job 31:15, calling it "Theistic Embryology"? Is the Bible's language about God's creative work significantly different in the two cases? For more consideration of what God's hands have made see Created, Formed and Made. You might also like to consider Theistic Heliocentrism and Theistic Meteorology.
 * Some translations of Job 31:33 have Job comparing himself with Adam; others are very different. Could both be correct?
 * Consider the words neshamah and ruach in Job 32:8. Might this be one of the verses behind Paul's words in Acts 17?

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