Daily Bible Readings 29th November

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  • Esther 5,6
  • Amos 9
  • Hebrews 1,2
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Verse 3 of the reading in Amos refers to "Nahash (נָחָשׁ)" perhaps "Leviathan," a mythological creature in the Ancient Near East. Is it fair to say that in such appropriations of mythology it is the poetical force of the imagery that matters, not the rejected polytheistic beliefs behind it? Do we do something similar in colloquial English? Do such references enrich, or challenge, our concept of inspired Scripture?
 * Is the Creation one of the "divers manners" by which the Creator speaks?
If so, how? What does the Bible say about that? See links at Hebrews 1:1-3.
 * Will the earth perish? What psalm is Hebrews 1:10-12 quoting?

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