Daily Bible Readings 2nd December

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  • Job 1,2
  • Jonah 2,3
  • Hebrews 8,9
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Is God's "Let us make adam/humankind in our image . . . " of Genesis 1:24 said in the divine council referred to in Job 1:6? See other Bible passages linked at Divine Council.
 * Job refers to the Scriptural concept of Mother Earth in Job 1:21. How many other allusions to it do you know of?
 * When Jonah sank "to the base of the mountains" (2:7, literally) was this the same as we read in Psalm 24:2? Does it bother you that ancient cosmology was different from today's?
 * How is making a covenant and putting it into effect (Hebrews 8, 9:11) similar to designing a sanctuary or conceiving and planning a work of art prior to, and during, its execution? See The Metaphor of God as Potter, Created, Formed and Made and Formed from the dust. Does all creativity involve trial and error, with failure before success? Many verses where the Bible speaks of creativity have been collected at Literal and Figurative Creation in the Bible.

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