Daily Bible Readings 5th November

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  • 2 Chronicles 34
  • Hosea 2
  • Acts 16,17
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * Today's reading in Acts contains Luke's commendation of "the Berean Spirit," as John Thomas described it. Our question here is: do Paul's words in Acts 17:11 in praise of critical thinking contain a warning for people whose preconceptions cause them to miss glorious aspects of the witness of Creation?
 * Paul's words in 17:16 have been used to show the relative insignificance of questions about evolution. Do you agree?
 * His phrase in 17:26, translated "of one blood" in the King James Version, has been used as a proof text against the scientific understanding of human ancestry.* Is that a valid reading?
* It was the basis of our first formal attempt to address the task of seeing whether the Bible and modern science can be reconciled: Reconciliation challenge: a literal single male ancestor, or modern science? (Acts 17:26)

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