Daily Bible Readings 6th February

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  • Exodus 13,14
  • Psalm 68
  • Mark 2
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * What is the effect of the allusions to Creation in the Exodus story? What is the spiritual effect for us of such a literary device?
 * The concept of Fiat Creation has had an interesting (and recent) history. Psalm 33:6-9 has been quoted in support of it — God spoke: it was done [instantly]! How does Psalm 68:11 in today's reading shed light on that interpretation?
 * Is Jesus' reasoning regarding the Lord of the Sabbath compatible with a "plain reading" of the relevant Old Testament verses? What standard of literacy does Jesus expect us to bring to the reading of Scripture? Should we accept dogmatic "plain reading" as a form of knock-down argument?

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