Daily Bible Readings 8th February

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  • Exodus 16
  • Psalms 70,71
  • Mark 4
    discussion relevant to this wiki
 * What was the "testimony" that was in the Ark? (Exodus 16:34)
 * Did the Lord Jesus read the provisions of the Sabbath law literally — for example Exodus 16:23? Does following his example solve problems for us, strengthening our faith in him and in the Scripture?
 * Does your translation have heart or mind in Mark 4:12? Are both correct? In which organ did Mary "ponder" (Luke 2:19)?
How does this verse help us to read the Bible correctly?
 * Do the things the Lord Jesus said about mustard, seed and plant, make you uneasy? Are you satisfied by the explanation that they are simply colloquial exaggerations? What do you think of the literal reading linked from Mark 4:30-32?

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