Deuteronomy 33:26

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BibleOld TestamentDeuteronomy

JPS Tanakh

26 O Jeshurun, there is none like God,
Riding through the heavens to help you,
Through the skies in His majesty.

The Jewish Study Bible Notes

33.26-29: The resumption of the hymn to the Divine Warrior (vv. 2-5) and a return to the focus upon 'Jeshurun' (v. 26), meaning all 'Israel' (v. 28).
33.26: Much like the Canaanite storm god Ba'al, Israel's Divine Warrior is represented as riding upon the clouds (Isa. 19.1; Pss. 18.10; 68.33).

See Shamayim for "the heavens".

See Psalm 68:4,30-31#Hobbins