Francisco J Ayala

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Francisco José Ayala Pereda (1934 - 2023) Spanish American evolutionary biologist, former Dominican priest. Was a student of Dobzhansky, another famous biologist who saw no conflict between his Christian faith and his biological discoveries.

. . . [studying theology]. . .  Darwin was a much-welcomed friend. The theory of evolution provided the solution to the remaining component of the problem of evil. As floods and drought were a necessary consequence of the fabric of the physical world, predators and parasites, dysfunctions and diseases were a consequence of the evolution of life. They were not a result of a deficient or malevolent design: the features of organisms were not designed by the Creator. (p 4-5)

"Religious scholars in the past had struggled with imperfection ... in the living world, which [is] difficult to explain if [it is] the outcome of God's design. ... Evolution came to the rescue. ... The theory of evolution, which at first had seemed to remove the need for God in the world, now has convincingly removed the need to explain the world's imperfections as failed outcomes of God's design." (p 159)