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In many places the Bible has the Earth as stable, with the Sun moving across the sky during the day. This "geocentrism" is an example of the Bible's "Phenomenological Language" – that is, describing things as they appear to everyday people. People who fail to understand this aspect of the Bible can persuaded themselves of a variety of literalist errors, sometimes with tragic consequences. In this case the consequences extended to persecution of people who accepted the non-Biblical idea of Heliocentrism and adjusted their understanding of Scripture accordingly.

See these extracts from The Christian View of Science and Scripture by Bernard Ramm.

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The Foundations of the Earth

The Bible does not merely state plainly that the Earth has foundations, it says why: it is "so that it should never be moved". See discussion at these passages:


Is Galileo's story helpful in understanding the "conflict" often believed to exist between science and religion? See Qms:The "conflict thesis" for an extract from an essay by historian David B. Wilson, with a link to the full essay.

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