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From Reconciling understandings of Scripture and Science
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In some quarters today there is an attempt being made to blend evolution with Creation, but they are no more compatible than oil is with water, and we need to be aware of the challenge this poses to the record of Scripture. It is not that the Bible is out of harmony with true science. It is not. But the Bible does not have to be reconciled with science; rather the other way around, science with the Bible, God’s Word.

Questioning Mainstream Science
"true science"

We may not have all the answers to questions that have arisen from recent “discoveries”, which are often confusing and contradictory at any rate. What we do know is that the Bible and true science are harmonious. Our affinity is with the record of Scripture, the way in which it was read and understood by Moses and the prophets, by the Lord Jesus and the apostles; and their belief is clear, without contradiction and, what is absolutely conclusive, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Lampstand, Creation and Inspiration, vol 16 no 6, 2010
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