Non-literal days in the Bible

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It is sometimes argued that the seven days of Genesis ch. 1 must be literal 24-hour days because

  1. they are enumerated with "first", "second" etc; and
  2. they are repeatedly described as "evenings" and "mornings".

See Bro Ron Abel's argument from Wrested Scriptures at Genesis 2:4.

Test the validity of these arguments against:

  1. Hosea 6:2, which has metaphorical days which are explicitly enumerated; and
  2. Psalm 90:5-6, which has very long metaphorical days with explicit mornings and evenings.

Non-literal weeks in the Bible

  1. Leviticus 23:3 (the Sabbath Law, literal weeks) is followed by the law establishing a week of weeks (49 days) beginning from the Feast of Firstfruits, culminating with the Feast of Weeks on the 50th Day ("Pentecost" in the Greek New Testament).
  2. Some believe that Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 describes the Creation within the rhetorical structure of a symbolic week.