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by ABrand

Note re links: Links from terms used in this page to elsewhere in this wiki were not provided by Bro Brand, and in many cases it is clear that he would not agree with what is found there. — BP

On the Myth of Theistic Evolution

Darwin & Dawkins Debunked

The most common myth about theistic evolution is that it is an attempt to try to "rationalise" belief in God with the "accepted" scientific view of evolution. In actuality, it is a desperate attempt to rescue evolutionary theory from the dustbin of history by praying that God will resurrect it.

In chapter 6 of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life", Darwin wrote:

"If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down."[1]

That the empirical evidence supports this instance is an affirmation of the creationist argument in favour of irreducible complexity. This is why a "design" element has become necessary. The evidence is indisputable at this point, in regards to both time and complexity: nothing on Earth could possibly have evolved via random chance as Darwin theorised and his supporters have insisted for over 100 years.

Others have put a great deal of effort into the irreducible complexity proof of Darwin's failure, so I won't be addressing that here as I want to focus on a far more simple proof and, no, I don't mean the very obvious proof of God's word in Genesis. I will be using only reason and logic applied to the accepted scientific data and evidence as proof of the utter failure of evolutionary theory.

The reason evolutionary theory is being abandoned, is that more and more proof of its failure is mounting up as the science of biology advances. It has effectively been laid to rest by the results of a microbiological study published in 2009 in the scientific journal of record, Nature.

This study showed that genetic mutations under evolutionary pressure do not occur anywhere near fast enough to fit with even the most generous interpretations of evolutionary theory. In fact, what the results of this study mean, is that even under guided (Theistic) evolution, the time required for humans and chimpanzees to separate from their supposed common ancestor into their modern forms would be approximately 540 Billion years, which is roughly 120 times longer than their estimate for the age of the Earth and 37 times longer than their estimated age of the universe itself.

This Nature article was published on 18th October 2009 and is titled "Genome evolution and adaptation in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli" a brief overview of which can be found here -, or you can pay to read the entire thing if you're so inclined.

The experiment studied 40,000 generations of the Ecoli bacteria under guided evolutionary pressure over 20 years. What it revealed was that only 25 genetic mutations were fixed in the 40,000 generations of the experiment. This gives an average rate of DNA mutation of 1 fixed mutation per 1600 generations of a lifeform. The latest average estimate for how many years ago the Chimpanzee-Human Last Common Ancestor existed is 9 million years (although it has ranged from as little as 4 million years ago on the basis of the molecular clock to 25 million years ago). To achieve modern humans and chimps from this supposed ancestor requires approximately 30,000,000 fixed genetic mutations, 15,000,000 per species. With human and chimp average generations being 20 years, that gives time for 450,000 human and chimp generations in the 9 million years, which allows for only 562 fixed genetic mutations, a massive shortfall from the 30,000,000 required by the differences between humans and chimpanzees.

Regardless of this study however, the mathematics shows, that evolution requires over 30 fixed mutations per generation to reach the 15,000,000 genetic differences in each species. This means that the same 30+ genetic mutations must spread across the entire species, in every single generation. In other words, each generation of humans and chimpanzees would have to be a completely different subspecies to all previous and subsequent generations. Thanks to mummification and the fact that we know our children, parents etc., we know that this has never occurred in recorded history, either in humans or in the animals that have been mummified and studied. We are still the same homo sapiens sapiens today as we were in ancient Egypt. This simple mathematical calculation alone utterly demolishes evolutionary theory of whatever flavour, Theistic or Darwinian.

The above figures assume the claim that humans and chimps are around 99% genetically identical. To make matters worse for the evolutionists however, the latest data suggests that the true similarity between humans and chimps is more like 90%, or lower and this would mean a figure closer to 300 fixed mutations required per generation, a mere 480,000 times more than that observed in the study.

These indisputable facts have driven a stake through the heart of evolutionary theory and exposed it to the light of the sun for all to see it crumble to dust.

It then only remains for us to ask ourselves, why is it that some of our members, who still claim to be "Bible believing people", are trying to reconcile God's Truth with an embarrassing lie of man?

  1. Darwin's next sentence was "But I can find out no such case." —BP