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"Proof text" and "proof texting" have various meanings, all with some sense of appeal to the authority of scripture, reasoning from the Bible to prove a belief, interpretation or point of view. Definitions and explanations:

 * Lexico:A proof text was defined by Oxford University Press's now defunct online dictionary[1] as
  A passage of the Bible to which appeal is made in support of an argument or position in theology.
and its first example was:
  ‘It is only up for debate for those more satisfied with appealing to proof-texts, without taking time to consider the literary, historical, and socio-cultural contexts of the passages in question.’
 * Merriam-Webster: a Scriptural passage adduced as proof for a theological doctrine, belief, or principle.
 * Wikipedia cites the Merriam-Webster definition and (as of June 2022) adds: "Prooftexting (sometimes "proof-texting" or "proof texting") is the practice of using quotations from a document, either for the purpose of exegesis, or to establish a proposition in eisegesis (introducing one's own presuppositions, agendas, or biases). Such quotes may not accurately reflect the original intent of the author, and a document quoted in such a manner, when read as a whole, may not support the proposition for which it was cited. The term has currency primarily in theological and exegetical circles." [q.v. for references]