Psalm 148

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BibleOld TestamentPsalms


1 Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise him in the heights.
Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.
Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.
Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens.
Let them praise the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were created.
He hath also stablished them for ever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall not pass.
Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:
Fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word:
Mountains, and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars:
10 Beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl:
11 Kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth:
12 Both young men, and maidens; old men, and children:
13 Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven.
14 He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints; even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him.
Praise ye the LORD.

JPS Tanakh

7 Praise the LORD, O you who are on earth, all sea monsters and ocean depths,

The Jewish Study Bible Notes
(v.7-8) A reference to the mythological destruction of the sea-monster (cf. 74:13-14; Isa. 51.9-10), suppressed and neutralized, as it is in Gen. 1.21, to which this is an allusion. For 'ocean depths,' that is, "creatures of the deep," cf. Isa. 42:10.

Scholars identify the dragon in the sea as an echo of ANE creation myths.

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Instantaneous creation?

"he commanded, and they were created" (v.5) is sometimes said to imply instantaneous Fiat Creation — cf. 33:6-9. It is cited in BASF Clause I, though not with any sense of instantaneous creation.

See also Literal and Figurative Creation in the Bible and Created, formed and made.
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