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QMS: is our place for arguments against Evolution and other mainstream science on scientific grounds.
For the decision to have this separate place in the wiki see this discussion.


"Mainstream Science" — a working definition
"Mainstream Science" is what's taught in the relevant faculties of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Sydney, Melbourne and Gulargambone universities, as seen in the textbooks used for their undergraduate courses. Questioning that is questioning mainstream science. Note that Science can say nothing about the supernatural.

(Why did we need a definition? To avoid exasperating arguments about whether speculations based on religious dogma were "just as scientific" or even "true science"!)
QMS:the "conflict thesis"
QMS:"true science"

Ron Abel's "Wrested Scriptures"

The last section of the late brother Ron Abel's book Wrested Scriptures, online here, dealt with scientific concerns. We are reproducing his arguments here, with an opportunity to respond to them and defend them.


Wrested Scriptures — the Miraculous

Wrested Scripture

Relating to Evolution

Relating to Creation and the Creative Days

Relating to Carbon-14 Dating

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The Case for respecting Mainstream Science

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