Scientific evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor

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Archeological evidence for an ancient and widespread human population

  • Bro Mike Pearson presents archeological evidence for "vast cultures across the world at the same time as Adam and Eve" (late neolithic age) in The Fourth Conversation online here. He argues that the archeological evidence is against early Christadelphian writers who hypothesised that a "pre-Adamic" race may have been destroyed prior to the creation of Adam.

Very ancient fossils indicate ancient human origins

Taking the days of the first account as literal twenty-four hour periods means that the universe arose (according to the traditional rendering of Gen. 1:1–2) no earlier than c. 5000 BC, if not a thousand years later. Study of geology over some centuries now has shown evidence of a succession of different eras represented by layers of rock giving evidence of the development of the earth over millions of years. While man in this sequence is a relatively recent arrival, the new dating techniques of the current century – radiocarbon, thermoluminescence, and dendrochronology – certainly make a date of even 5000 BC much too late for the origin of man. Hence, sceptics argue, Genesis is proved wrong.

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Antiquity of the human race

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Our cells are living history books

  • There is "too much in the human genome to have arisen from two people living 6-10 thousand years ago" - and too many bacteria, parasites etc in human bodies! See Ken Gilmore's post here.

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    • Also Biologist Dennis Venema has a series of blog posts at Eve, and Human Population Genetics: Defining the Issues. These posts "... explore the genetic evidence that indicates humans became a separate species as a substantial population, rather than descending uniquely from an ancestral pair."
    • Scholarly article: Hobolth, A. et al. Incomplete lineage sorting patterns among human, chimpanzee, and orangutan suggest recent orangutan speciation and widespread selection, Genome Res. 2011 Mar; 21(3): 349–356 accessible here. This study of human, chimpanzee and orangutan genomes concludes that "the ancestral species of human and chimpanzees never experienced a severe population bottleneck".

See also Biblical evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor

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