Tea Tree Gully Additions to BASF

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Additional "Doctrines to be Rejected" (from the Constitution of the Tea Tree Gully Ecclesia, South Australia)

#36.[1] That the presence of all matter is seen to be the outworking of the process of evolution and that the complex forms of life on earth, including man himself, came into being by what is known as "natural selection" and are not the work of an intelligent Creator.
#37.[2] That the theory of evolution is the true explanation of the method used by God as the Creator of the heavens and earth, and that the idea of a special creation accomplished in a six day period is unscientific and unscriptural.
(It is unclear whether this additional clause 37 was intended to make belief in a six day "accomplishment" of creation obligatory even for those who reject evolution. What is clear, though: those who thought the addition was necessary didn't believe non-literal readings were already precluded!)
  1. alternatively, Clause 4.l
  2. alternatively, Clause 4.m