The Heart

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Our understanding of our human hearts as the Bible speaks about them can help us in our task of investigating whether our understanding of modern science in general can be reconciled with Scripture.

According to our modern understanding, Bible characters and the Bible itself reflect a concept of the human heart that is quite wrong. We know now that we think in our heads, not our hearts. Nevertheless we do not reject the Bible; nor do we reject the understanding of thought that modern science gives us — we simply read the Bible through ancient eyes. In a similar way we can understand communication from modern living people who have beliefs that we do not agree with, for example about quack medicine. To understand them, we need to see things through their eyes.

Bruce (talk)

Notes on the human heart

(Most of these notes are from The Fourth Conversation.)

What the heart can do

  • think and reflect:
Isaiah 6:10
Mark 7:21-23
Jeremiah 24:7
Luke 2:19

What the heart can be