Theistic Embryology

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Like Meteorology and Heliocentrism, the scientific study of Embryology appears to contradict Scripture, but is generally accepted as true by Bible believers, even those who aspire to a "literal" reading of the Bible. All are closely analogous to Evolution in that all four are scientific disciplines which describe, explain and predict natural phenomena which the Bible attributes to divine action.

Former developmental cell biologist Stephen Matheson [1] asks Why is there no controversy surrounding theistic embryology?

To better understand the controversy surrounding theistic evolution, I propose that critiques of the position be considered in light of a lesser-known position we may (with tongue in cheek) call "theistic embryology." Theistic embryology describes the thinking of those who simultaneously express Christian belief and affirm basic theories in human developmental biology. Although the logic is indistinguishable from that of theistic evolution, the view is uncontroversial and the term "theistic embryology" is practically non-existent. I suggest that critiques of theistic evolution be subjected to the "theistic embryology test." Most critiques that claim to identify weaknesses in theistic evolution make arguments that are equally damaging to "theistic embryology" and so fail the test. Critiques that fail this whimsical test are likely to be arguments against belief, or against naturalistic explanation, and should be considered as such.

Bro Ken Gilmore quotes this, and more, arguing here against the belief that the "concept of theistic evolution ... contradicts the [Bible's] repeated statement that God created our world and all its inhabitants".

Are scientists who study foetal development denying the power of God and contradicting these verses? Clearly not: they are no different from people who study Meteorology, Astronomy, Geology, . . . , — and Evolution? Follow the chain of Bible references below; see also Psalm 119:73 and Formed from the dust.

In related themes, God takes responsibility in the Bible for conception — see for example Ruth 4:13 — and successful pregnancy (Exodus 23:26).

A chain of Bible references relevant to Theistic Embryology begins here →

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  1. following Denis O. Lamoureux as early as 2010