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This group blogs at "Christadelphians Origins Discussion".

It defends an evolutionary point of view in the context of historical Christadelphian respect for natural sciences (though usually not evolution) and belief in an ancient earth, and engages in asymmetrical controversy with the paper-based Lampstand Magazine published in Adelaide, South Australia.

A post Literalist creationists become non-literal when it suits them drew fire from Lampstand in a paper which justifies a literalist reading of Genesis 2:18-20 by re-interpreting God's search for a mate for Adam. The Bible's "every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air" formed by God and brought to Adam becomes "certain animals and birds", and their number is reduced to "from about 1,000 up to 3,000" by an appeal to extreme Baraminology:

"As he observed these creatures, each with its mate*, passing before him, he gave them a name suited to its [sic] characteristics. 'But as for man, he did not find a helper corresponding to him.' The exercise emphasised his aloneness, it did not assuage it.. . . "

". . . we know that different species of dogs, cats, horses, ducks etc can be mated together and produce fertile offspring" . . . 
". . . the modern dog, with over 300 described species . . . "

Rob Thiele, "Things Hard To Be Understood Every beast of the field and every fowl of the air... Gen 2:19"
Lampstand, July-Aug 2019 pp.216-220

* See Genesis 2:18-20 for what the Bible actually says.