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Early Genesis, A review of historical Christadelphian approaches

by Bro Ken Chalmers, January, 2016 {{#setmainimage:Sutherland logo-icon.png}}

This paper was prepared for a presentation “Early GEN for all gens” to the
Australian Biennial Christadelphian Conference in Sydney on 15th January 2016.

(By One Man was written in response to it by bro Colin Byrnes)


1. Before we begin
2. Introduction
3. Do we really mean “literal”?
4. God’s Word and God’s Works
5. The language of early Genesis

5.1 Appearance and language of the day
5.2 Early Genesis as Ancient Near Eastern literature?
5.3 Other approaches

6. “In the beginning. . . ”

6.1 When did the beginning ‘begin’?
6.2 An old Universe and old earth
6.3 An old earth and young (re)creation
6.4 An old creation
6.5 Young universe, earth and creation

7. “Evening and Morning” (the ‘days’)

7.1 24 hour days of creative activity?
7.2 Epochs of geological time?
7.3 Days of Divine Fiat?
7.4 Days of Divine revelation or Vision?
7.5 “Representative” days?
7.6 Days of Divine ‘drama’?
7.7 Days (24 hours) of creation – in Eden and region only?

8. The origin and existence of man
9. Authorship
10. The Flood of Noah
11. Conclusions

11.1 What is certain
11.2 Why not ‘further explain’ our Statement of Faith?
11.3 Addressing problems – respectfully and effectively
11.4 So what are the Problems?
11.5 A requirement for caution
11.6 Some previous ‘concessions’
11.7 Does our past approach give guidance for now?

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