Genesis 1:1 to 2:3

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Before the Beginning

Before the world existed
Before the foundation of the world
Before the Beginning
The Primal Sea

1:1-2 Before the Beginning

Genesis 1:1-2
Translation of Genesis 1:1
1:1-2 Bereshith in construct form
Wilfred Lambert on the translation of Genesis 1:1
The Primal Sea
"Phenomenal" and limited astronomical language: Language of the Bible
God's spirit at work in nature

The Creation Week

1:3-5Day 1: Light divided from Darkness
1:6-8Day 2: The Firmament (also begins a chain of references to "the waters above and below")
1:9-13Day 3: Dry land and vegetation
1:14-19Day 4: The lights and stars; the four Biblical sources of light.
1:20-23Day 5: Water and air creatures
1:24-31Day 6: Land creatures and humankind
2:1-3Day 7: The Day of Rest

Reading Genesis 1:1 to 2:3