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4:24 — praise of the Creator — extrapolated to other events of early Genesis "as literally true"
13:22 — example of Composite References.
14:14-17 — the living God, creator of all
14:15 — passage cited as "accepting" events of early Genesis "as literally true"
14:17Theistic Meteorology (analogous to Theistic Evolution)
15:18 — James mentions "the beginning of the world"
17:11Critical thinking; people who are doomed to miss the witness of Creation
17:16 — "wholly given to idolatry"; the relative insignificance of questions about evolution
17:26 — "of one blood ..." (KJV)
17:26 — See also Reconciliation challenge: a literal single male ancestor, or modern science? (Acts 17:26)
— See also Evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor
25:6 — example of "inspiration of God in the writers" (BASF)