Evidence for Evolution

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See at Wikipedia: Evidence for Evolution

Biblical evidence tending towards respect for science and acceptance of evolution is frequently discussed in this wiki.

However, if you find Biblical evidence against evolution, please sign up and document it in this wiki. (Or, if it is already mentioned here, you may be able to strengthen it.)

Similarly, if you find any evidence for evolution that appears to contradict Bible truth, please list it here:


Is evolution "beyond reasonable doubt"?

This question is addressed thoroughly in a paper Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Evolution from DNA Sequences by Timothy White, Bojian Zhong, and David Penny, published by the National Institute of Health of the USA.

An appreciative review of this paper, by an anonymous graduate student in evolutionary biology, is published here. It is a good summary and introduction to it.

If you disagree, and wish to express a contrary view, you would be welcome to write it up in this wiki.