H A Whittaker on Acts 17:26

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All men made . . . to seek the Lord

Also, let them learn this – that this Almighty One had chosen to "make of one all nations of men." There is a textual problem here. "Made of one blood" (as AV and many MSS)? or "made of one man"? or "of one nature" (as certain other important MSS suggest)? Which is it?

Basically, the apostle's intention seems to have been, either way, essentially the same. Let these proud university men realise that they were in no position to preen themselves regarding their race or intellect or culture or political status. Just as, in the sight of a man, all ants are ants, so also to the God who made all, the Greek philosopher is as small as the uncouth barbarian, the spiritual snobbery of a Jew is as paltry as the ignorance of a superstitious Gentile.

God designed all of these to live in their appointed habitations and at their appointed epochs "that they should seek the Lord." It was for this purpose that the Creator had framed the entire race. Neither dead–pan Stoic reaction to hard circumstance nor soft Epicurean self–indulgence, neither the intellectual pride of the Greek thinker nor the boastful self–confidence of a Roman conqueror, came within a thousand miles of fulfilling the true purpose which their Maker had with every man jack of them: "that they should seek the Lord."

— H A Whittaker, Studies in the Acts of the Apostles, 1985 p. 269