Jude 35:35

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Problem, Question, or Reconciliation Challenge

Criteria for Critical Appraisal

for all questions and definitions of "problems reconciling our various understandings of Scripture with the discoveries of science"

Clear Aims

Its aims are clear: terms used are clearly defined, especially if they are new or can be used in different ways.


It is unbiased, not presupposing any viewpoint or answer.


It is respectful: not insulting, provocative or slanderous.


It has a clear focus, neither too broad nor too narrow, and is free of equivocation.


It appears able to be researched and at least partial conclusions reached beyond reasonable doubt.


It is relevant to the task in hand, and can't be rewritten to be more directly relevant.


Answers to it and the process of seeking them will be informative and useful.


Editors' endorsement
We agree that this is an accurate statement of an aspect of our task.
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