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Theism is the belief that a god or gods exist, and is/are responsible for the existence of the universe.

For our purposes here, we are only considering the God of the Bible, as understood by Christadelphians.

Theistic understandings of Creation

We group our consideration of theistic perspectives on Creation as: Old Earth Creationism, Young Earth Creationism, and Evolutionary Creationism. Old Earth creationists sometimes accept The "Gap Theory". Flood Geology is a system of belief that explains geological strata as the results of a literal world-wide Flood, usually but not necessarily in combination with Young Earth Creationism.

Wikipedia has a finer classification of types of belief in Creation including theistic understandings.

See Microevolution and Macroevolution and Baraminology for theistic beliefs that combine Flood Geology with very rapid evolution following the Flood — as taught, for example, by Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter.