Use of the word "Record"

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"The Genesis Record" is the title of a Young Earth Creationist book published in 1976 by Henry M. Morris, founder of the Institute for Creation Research. Prior to that the term had been used since the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species and experienced a surge of popularity following its use in a 1941 book Genesis Vindicated by Seventh Day Adventist George McCready Price, the inventor and assiduous preacher of Flood Geology.

Check a dictionary or thesaurus for the use of this word, and to work out its intent as used by Price, Morris and other literal interpreters. See definitions of the noun record at and synonyms listed at Oxford University Press's now defunct online dictionary[1] listed as synonyms account, accounts, document, documents, documentation, data, file, files, dossier, dossiers, information, evidence, report, and reports, among others. The word has a connotation of methodically written records, without the discretion and interpretation required for history or the linguistic complexity of narrative or similar terms applicable to human texts, let alone Scripture.

— Bruce

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