"from one man"

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(Not to be confused with the paper "By One Man" by bro Colin Byrnes)

Please keep this page for a summary list of Bible passages directly related to Monogenism, not for discussion or general arguments.Bruce 9 May & 12 July 2018

Acts 17:26

God has made all nations to inhabit the whole earth from "one". From one what, though? The Greek doesn't specify. See the two possible interpretations here - either from one ancestral group, or from one person.

It is suggested that we should read it as meaning "from one person", who would be Adam, and that therefore this verse is in conflict with modern genetics.

See comments about the context here on the Acts 17:26 page. See thoughts about blood here on the same page.

Problem to be reconciled:

See separate page Reconciliation challenge: a literal single male ancestor, or modern science? (Acts 17:26). (Historical discussion about this description is now transferred to the Discussion page.)

Book of Jubilees

See Primordial Incest in the book of Jubilees

Contrary evidence

See Evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor for Biblical and scientific evidence.