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My particular interests in this wiki

Bible/Science Themes

Theistic Heliocentrism

I'm fascinated by the story itself, and also by the comparison with the similar controversy of our own times. One of the interesting comparisons is the way the two stories are handled by the side that wields the power of yesterday:

  • it wasn't what x said, it was the way he said it - where x might be Giordano Bruno or a brother in Taiwan
  • we didn't really subject y to mental or physical duress - where y might be Galileo or a sister in Seattle
  • "It's just the plain teaching of Scripture," says z - where z might be Cardinal Bellarmine or a committee in Australia

The contrasts are interesting too, but they can wait for another day. Meanwhile, let Pope John Paul II speak for those who were successful, for a time, in enforcing Biblical truth as they understood it, in this extract from an address he gave in 1992 to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences: "Galileo, a sincere believer, showed himself to be more perceptive in [scriptural interpretation] than the theologians who opposed him." (Larger extract at User:Bruce/Pope John Paul II on Galileo and the Bible.)

The Weird Stuff

Studying the Creation Records of Scripture has been eye-opening.

Firstly, with a life-long interest in language, I've been fascinated by the way people reinforce their unwitting assumptions by using the loaded phrases creation record and Genesis record, sometimes abbreviated to the record. Nobody seems to have needed this vocabulary very much until the Flood Geologists started to be influential, with their concept of the record of the Flood, written in stone — as found in Morris and Whitcomb, The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications, 1961.

Much more importantly, though, has been putting together the "creation records" linked in this wiki from Genesis ch. 1. Serpents, sea monsters, many headed dragons, even echoes in language of Tiamat getting split in two. I have written about this from my page The Weird Stuff.

Christadelphian Contributions to Scholarship

A Christadelphian guide through this "weird stuff" has been the late brother Wilfred G. Lambert, who not only illuminated our understanding of the Hebrew Bible and its linguistic and cultural background, but the whole world's. My debt to him can be seen in my page Reading Appropriations as well as at The Weird Stuff. He is also said to have played the organ for the last ever meeting of the Birmingham Central Ecclesia, which I find especially poignant.

More recently, brother Tom Gaston has defended the Christadelphian view that the New Testament describes a second creation in Christ, echoing the language of Genesis. Of course this does not justifying YEC or other absurdities, however much their proponents may also echo the language of Genesis. See at Colossians 1:12-18.

Rohde et al., Nature, 2004

And see Adam and Eve our ghostly ancestors? — a revue of S. Joshua Swamidass’s book about the implications of Rohde et al.’s paper.

The Surprise

The weakness of the Biblical arguments against evolution really is surprising, as has been the reluctance of the anti-evo campaigners to participate in fair debate or even join in discussion in this wiki. I suppose Peter didn't say we should be ready to give an answer for disbelief!



Here’s one we need to look at. Implications for “Design” too.

Castle, S.D., Grierson, C.S. & Gorochowski, T.E. Towards an engineering theory of evolution. Nat Commun 12, 3326 (2021).


nothing to see here? — but everything is temporary!

A Dilemma

What a dilemma! I can't make up my mind if it's a "False Dichotomy" or a "False Dilemma". I do like the Fallacy Files web site by Dr Gary N. Curtis, a logician, but he lists more synonyms — or near-synonyms. This leads to another dilemma: are they alternatives, or choices? My old teachers insisted that you can only ever have two alternatives, because alter is the Latin word for other — when we alternate we flip-flop, we don't flip-flop-flap etc, etc., &c. Similarly the Greek derivation of di- in "dichotomy" and "dilemma" is "di" meaning two. It preserves this meaning, strongly, in "dichotomy", and especially "dichotomous key", but not so much in everyday "dilemmas" such as which brand of tinned tomatoes to choose.

Curtis plumps for "The Black-or-White Fallacy" which sums it up, and he lists "aliases":

  • Bifurcation
  • Black-and-White Fallacy
  • Either/Or Fallacy
  • False Dichotomy
  • False Dilemma

My preference

  • Two types of Black-or-White Fallacy:
    • thinking: False Dichotomy for inappropriate black-or-white thinking where it's a matter of perception or analysis, choosing between (two) alternative views
    • choosing: False Dilemma for inappropriate black-or-white choosing where it's a matter of making a decision, choosing between multiple possible processes


Words of wisdom from Dr Curtis:

Beware of the phrase "the alternative": there is seldom a single alternative available. If you hear that "the" alternative to some view or action is something unpleasant or obviously false, always ask: "Are there other alternatives? What are they?" The phrase "the alternative" is often a tip-off that a black-or-white fallacy is coming up.

and beyond this wiki . . .

The Great Debate

The Little Debate

The Surprise Writ Large

The collapse of the resistance to evolution (micro-evolution, of course :-) ) on the part of Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, etc — and now (2021), of Christadelphians!! who argue against biological evolution!

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James Downard, 2016, "Evolution Slam Dunk Why the Reptile Mammal Transition Proves Macroevolution and How Antievolutionists Ignore It" ISBN 978-1-365-57280-7 exposes personal sockpuppeteering - some pages on servetus Documents/Origins/BibSci/Woodmorappe. James Downard 4033 N. Belt St. Spokane, WA 99205

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