Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias Inc.

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The website of Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias Inc. (AACE) is here.
The AACE publishes occasional discussion papers, listed here, including these papers relevant to this web site:

In February 2019 AACE revived this paper as requested by the Australian Christadelphian Conference, Brisbane 2018, "to consult with ecclesias with a view to formulating a document detailing Bible teaching on creation for Australian Ecclesias to consider." An accompanying Stimulus Paper was "designed to stimulate discussion within ecclesias about the Bible’s teaching on creation and to generate ecclesial feedback for the AACE to consider in the development of that document". Responses gathered from Sutherland members are at Sutherland responses to AACE.
  • second draft Draft_Bible_Teaching_on_Creation_3.8-3.pdf **UNFINISHED**
  • Bible Teaching on Creation — AACE's final document as distributed to ecclesias on 6th May 2020. A copy of the original document with covering letter as well as an opportunity for discussion is in this wiki here.
  • The Inspiration of the Bible downloadable from here