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Christadelphians accept the Scriptures as God's written word, but believe that they need to be read correctly, interpreting their message according to their original contexts. Views about exactly what constitutes correct interpretation vary, of course; sometimes it is possible to identify general approaches to interpreting the Bible associated with different beliefs about Origins.

Biblical Interpretation

See links from Psalm 95.

Views of Origins and associated approaches to Interpreting the Bible

Evolutionary Creationism Old Earth Creationism Young Earth Creationism
without "gap" with "gap"

table from Many perspectives

Young Earth Creationism (YEC)

Old Earth Creationism (OEC) with "Gap"

See A review of historical Christadelphian approaches (a chapter from Bro Ken Chalmers' Early Genesis, A review of historical Christadelphian approaches)

Old Earth Creationism (OEC)

Evolutionary Creationism (EC)