Psalms of Solomon 2:29-34

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29 Delay not, O God, to recompense them on (their) heads,

         To turn the pride of the dragon into dishonour.
30 And I had not long to wait before God showed me the insolent one
Slain on the mountains of Egypt,
            Esteemed of less account than the least on land and sea;
31 His body, ( too,) borne hither and thither on the billows with much insolence,
            With none to bury (him), because He had rejected him with dishonour.
He reflected not that he was man.
32 And reflected not on the latter end;
33 He said: I will be lord of land and sea;
            And he recognized not that it is God who is great,
            Mighty in His great strength.
34He is king over the heavens,

            And judgeth kings and kingdoms.
— Translation by G. Buchanan Gray published online by Northwest Nazarene University.

A Creation Text

An Appropriation of ANE mythology. Worshippers of the One God were familiar with the polytheistic mythology of their neighbours right through the period between the Old and New Testaments, and continued to appropriate its poetry. The book Psalms of Solomon was in the Septuagint (LXX) and some copies of the Peshitta — see at Wikipedia and Jewish Encyclopedia.

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