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What is this about? Problem solving: see here.
Who is doing it? Sutherland Christadelphians are trying to do it: a small team of us; then all our members and others by invitation — see here.
How? By the process envisaged by the ecclesia, worked out in more detail here. (To propose a new topic, go here.)
Covering all the different viewpoints? Really? Trying to! — perhaps you can help. See an overview of the many sides of the discussion here.
How will you know you've found the right answers? We're only offering an overview and a few personal conclusions relevant to the task, and not trying to give "the" answer. See here for an early example.
What have you already considered? On the Topics page, see topics already considered, and new and current topics.
How can I participate? Email bibsci.info@sutherlandchristadelphians.org for further information. If you're a Sutherland member, you could talk to one of the team.

If you decide to participate here, you might like to add to this discussion of forty Questions Probing Theistic Evolution.

Where's the action? Now building dedicated pages in QMS:Questioning Mainstream Science for objections to Evolution on philosophical and scientific grounds.
See Current Decision Points. Also Recent changes in the navigation panel on the left
Responses gathered from Sutherland members to the AACE's Stimulus Paper of February 2019 are at Sutherland responses to AACE, where they can be further discussed.