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Mainstream Science Sites

'Mainstream' is what most biologists believe, whether or not it's true! The following sites present mainstream science:

  • Talk Origins: The "best of" the newsgroup, with detailed FAQs and interesting documentation.
  • Evolution Wiki: A good Wiki with pages on Evolution, using the Wikipedia engine.
  • USA Public Broadcasting Service Faith and Reason resource
  • Tree of Life: A project to classify all organisms into an evolutionary tree.

Christian sites supporting evolution

Quote: "The "Humble Approach" is inherently interdisciplinary, sensitive to nuance, and biased in favor of building linkages and connections."


"CTNS is an international non-profit membership organization dedicated to research, teaching and public service. It focuses on the relation between the natural sciences including physics, cosmology, evolutionary and molecular biology, as well as technology and the environment, and Christian theology and ethics."
  • Creationism on trial – "A Biblical Case Against Creationist Theology" – personal website of David W. Robertson, Oklahoma (an evangelical Christian who participates in

Other Science Sites

Young-earth creationist sites

  • Answers in Genesis: The dominant YEC group.
    • Critiques of Answers in Genesis are found at the website of the Australian Counter-Fundamentalism Movement in addition to TalkOrigins and elsewhere.
  • the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Geoscience Research Institute

Old earth creationist sites

Overview Sites

Some sites try to corral browsers and give no links even to things they criticise. Others attempt to present an honest overview of controversial issues by assembling a balanced collection of web links.

  • No Answers in Genesis is a web site by John Stear, so named in response to "Answers in Genesis" - see above - which has assembled many links including links to webrings and other overview sites. Stear is an atheist and his site contains commentary from an anti-creationist perspective.