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The Talk Origins website presents mainstream scientific views on evolution, geology, astronomy, and other sciences in dispute. The content is very fair-minded, and has been developed largely by mainstream scientists with various religious beliefs. The site is pro-science, but certainly not anti-God or anti-religion.

Much of the material is designed to teach a fairly general audience about the science behind the debate. It is presented accurately and clearly, and kept reasonably up-to-date. In places, there is too much detail --- for example, there is rather a lot on the biological species concept.

Some parts of the website are devoted to debunking Creationist claims. It is an excellent resource for finding whether a claim has a simple rebuttal: surely such a resource should be useful for both sides of the debate.

Recommended sections:

  1. the Must Read Files, many of which have printable PDF versions and are well worth the paper
  2. the Posts of the Month, particularly the Jan 2003 POTM

DJP 18:53, 7 Mar 2004 (EST)

Talk Origins also archives fake and confabulated "quotations" attributed by anti-evolutionists, misguided at best, to non-existent scientists: e.g. here.

Bruce 13:18, 2 June 2023 (AEST)