The Case for Considering the Science

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See Proverbs 18:13-15 and Beliefs re the Witness of Creation.

Christadelphian Approaches

Bro Jonathan Burke has gathered examples of historical Christadelphian approaches here. See also Early Genesis, A review of historical Christadelphian approaches by bro Ken Chalmers.

Qms:Questioning Mainstream Science links to:

God's "Two Books"

See the examples of John Thomas and a link to discussion by Ken Gilmore at "Two Books". Bro Thomas believed that the "book" of Nature is "the Testimony of God", along with the other "book" of divine revelation.

The example of Robert Roberts

. . . are we not justified in saying that if we go far enough back in the record of the earth’s physical history, as written in the rocks, we come to a time when the earth was a molten mass, incapable of sustaining life, either vegetable or animal? . . . 

We cannot ascertain the physical history of the earth further back than the fire period from the earth itself: but the starry heavens show us (through the telescope) bodies in various stages of development, and therefore stages through which it is probable the earth has come. The nebulous matter in the milky way is very instructive on this point. . . . 

Here is the point: if the universe has been a progressive development, there must have been a time—inconceivably remote truly—but still a time when it began to travel from its invisible state of abstract power to its present state of concrete form and glory.

Roberts, R, A Page for the Interested Stranger – No. 2,
The Christadelphian Magazine 1885 p.405