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Index to all of Colin's contributions in this wiki

Questions for consideration


  • 1. What is Biological Evolution? Do all scientists accept it?
  • 2. What is Common Descent? Or
  • 3. What do the terms God-Directed Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Evolutionary Creationism,Creationary Evolution mean, and how do they differ?
  • 4. What is “Science” and how does it work?


  • 1. Do we have a common ancestor? If so, what or who is it?
  • 2. Why would evolution require death as part of its survival-of-the-fittest process?
  • 3. If death came upon Adam as a result of his disobedience, and there were other beings already around, how can you prove they are not still around?
  • 4. Can evolutionists explain the origin of life?
  • 5. What went ‘bang’ if the “Big Bang” claimed by evolutionists occurred?
  • 6. Is macroevolution verifiable?
  • 7. Is the theory of evolution still theory or unequivocal fact?
  • 8. Darwin expressed doubts over gaps between species (transitional forms). Have any been found and validated beyond dispute?
  • 9. PN ? Is “Evolution”, as the basis for the commencement of the current human species, _*truly provable*_ in the minds of “genuine” Scientists?
  • 10.PC: Problem

There is a body of scientific evidence that people are not descended
from a single male ancestor [links to various examples from archaeology,
genetics]. Acts 17:24-30 includes the statement that God “made from one
man, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth”. Can
this be reconciled?

Note that “one man” in this passage is translated variously “one blood”,
“one stock” . . . 
(Maybe the following is one of the bits of scientific evidence – this is
my own, I am sure there are much better examples to reference properly):
Archaeological discoveries of Australian Aboriginal remains have been
used to estimate the date of their arrival at 60-70,000 years ago, while
the beginnings of agriculture in the Middle East are dated at about
12,000 years ago. Being an island, Australian Aborigines remained
genetically isolated from other people for tens of thousands of years.

[CL This question merges with E &C, as I see it. I could be wrong.]


  • 1. Is create as used in the Bible the equivalent of evolve?
  • 2. What does the word “earth” refer to in Genesis 1?
  • 3. What does Gen 4/26 mean which says, “then men began to call on the name of Yahweh”?
  • 4. What did the plants which were created on the 3rd day, and required pollination for survival, do while waiting for bees to evolve, which the Bible says were created on the 5th day?
  • 5. When God “finished” his work on the 6th day (Gen 2/1-2), was there any supposed ongoing evolutionary process occurring?
  • 6. Were birds created with wings and could fly, or did they have to evolve the wings and if so, what happened in the meantime?
  • 7. The manner of creation is stated clearly in Gen 1 as “And God said...and it was so”. How can this support a theory of chance random happenings posed by Evolution?
  • 8. Are Chance and Design antithetical?
  • 9. How does the Law of Entropy disprove evolution?
  • 10. PN ? Based on scientific evidence, can it be said that all of the current human species for the last 6,000 years are related genetically etc?
  • 11. Problem #2 (from Bruce)
Is there a difference between creation and design? If so, does the Bible call God a designer?
This is relevant because some believers accept as a matter of faith the "Argument from Design" in its various forms as proof that God exists. This can lock them into particular interpretations of observable phenomena, and lead to attacks on methodological naturalism and science itself.
  • 12. PC Related problem [to Qn 10 under Evolution]

> Did Cain marry his sister?


  • 1. Was Adam an evolved being or created from the dust of the ground?
  • 2. Was Adam created ‘mortal’ (subject to death)? And was he prone to sin when made/formed?
  • 3. If Adam was evolved, with what nature was Jesus born?
  • 4. How could Jesus’ birth & death benefit other beings existing contemporary with Adam and afterwards?
  • 5. If Evolution is granted, why was there a need for Jesus’ sacrifice to redeem anyone, and what from?
  • 6. Was “Adam” an historical fact in light of Paul’s remarks in 1 Cor 15/21-22, 45; 1 Tim 2/13?
  • 7. Was Adam the first man?
  • 8. If Adam was “created” mortal, what was the sentence God brought on him for disobedience in light of Rom 5/12?


  • 1:Jesus quotes from Gen 1/27 &2/24 in Mark 10/6 and Matt 19/4 saying the events he speaks of happened at “the beginning”. How then are the events allegorical rather than real?

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