Daily Bible Readings 22nd April

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 * We see "the waters beneath the earth" again in Deuteronomy. Did you find anything missing or misleading in the chain references cited for yesterday's readings? If so, you might like to make a contribution to the wiki.
 * Verse 5 of the Ecclesiastes reading was understood literally for many centuries, at least until the time of Galileo. If you had lived centuries ago, what would you have considered to be The Sun's Path at Night?
 * In his prayer the Lord Jesus refers to the glory that he had with the Father "Before the foundation of the world". Does this relate to Paul's words about God's purpose and grace "before time began" in 2 Timothy 1:9-10 and Titus 1:2? What do these passages mean? Can they be read as referring to some more recent beginning?
 * Is it fair to use John 17:17 against evolution, arguing that evolution is not true; God's word is true; and so therefore evolution must be contrary to the Word of God?

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