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1:1-3 — the Word of God from the beginning
1:1-5 — the manner of creation
3:4Made from the dust; Mother Earth
3:16Accommodation of divergent beliefs
8:42-45"Endorsement" of literal devil
10:34-35 — Jesus' allusion to Psalm 82:6-7
10:38 — contrasting different types of knowledge
12:32, 40, 45-46 — cited here as relevant to the claim that to disagree that certain Bible passages "accept" events of early Genesis as literally true ... "is to say Jesus and apostles were lying"'. (The claim is made here and here; a response is here.)
12:49-50 — cited to imply that Jesus spoke against evolution on divine authority
17:17 — cited to claim that evolutionary science is contrary to "the truth" as Jesus understood it