Theistic Heliocentrism

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See Theistic Evolution! — also Theistic Meteorology, which like this page is not completely serious, but has a serious message!

A good place to start is the two facts of Psalm 104:5.

Like Meteorology and Embryology, the scientific concept of Heliocentrism appears to contradict Scripture, but is generally accepted as true by Bible believers, even those who aspire to a "literal" reading of it. All three are closely analogous to Evolution in that they are scientific disciplines which describe, explain and predict natural phenomena which the Bible attributes to divine action.

(Is it really analogous to Evolution? Discuss further at Is Heliocentrism analogous to Evolution?.)

  • A personal note on the term Theistic Heliocentrism: I dislike the term Theistic Evolution because it is a confusion of categories as explained here. I use Theistic Meteorology, Theistic Heliocentrism, Theistic Accountancy, etc, all of them tongue-in-cheek, hoping that people will see how muddle-headed the idea of "Theistic Evolution" is. —Bruce

A chain of Bible references relevant to Geocentrism and Heliocentrism begins here →