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Discovery of a fragment of another Cyrus Cylinder

Some of his Work

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Genesis 1:1-3
Job 41:1
Psalm 104:26
Isaiah 27:1
Isaiah 45:12
Jeremiah 27:1
Appropriation of ANE mythology
Beliefs about "Appearance of Age"
Beliefs re the Age of the Earth
Comparing the two accounts of the Creation in Genesis
Historical Christadelphian Approaches - 5
Literal Reading
MCo:Bereshith in construct form
Nahash (נָחָשׁ)
Phenomenological Language
Response to IEAC Creation Statement/1
Scientific evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor
Sutherland responses to AACE
The Crooked Serpent
The Language of the Bible with Reference to Natural Things
The Primal Sea ים (yam)
Wilfred Lambert on a Literal Reading of Genesis 1-2
Wilfred Lambert on the translation of Genesis 1:1

User:Bruce/The Weird Stuff (a confession of ignorance, personal and communal)