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The annotated list on this page is a work in progress.

See also the automated Mediawiki "category" Christadelphians Cited, which lists approximately 70 individuals, and has three sub-categories: Christadelphian Publishers, Ecclesias and Committees and Magazines and Web pages.

Many non-Christadelphian commentators and authorities cited in this wiki are listed here.


If you would like to participate in this wiki, especially if you believe you can strengthen the case that evolution cannot be reconciled with with the Bible, please contact us! See here for an email address that you can use for contact.

Old Earth Creationists

founding editor of The Christadelphian Magazine

Young Earth Creationists

Evolutionary Creationists

Professional Historian

Prominent Ancient Near East scholar

Brother Wilfred G. Lambert (1926 – 2011)

For more of his legacy, including writings for Christadelphians, see Wilfred Lambert.

Academic Geographer

  • Brother Alan Eyre wrote an open letter in 2015 in response to the campaign against evolution in various Christadelphian publications. This is reproduced here so that it can be linked within our wiki.

Others of Relevance

  • Brother David P. Levin, author of The Creation Text, studies in early Genesis The Christadelphian Tidings Publishing Company, 2011

Magazines and Blogs