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Verses and Passages

1:5 — example of Merism
1:6-9The waters above and below the earth
1:7 — the waters above the firmament
1:11-12 — textual indication that the seven days are not to be taken literally
1:11-24 — Baraminology and micro-evolution within the kinds.
1:21the Tanninim
1:26 etc See The Image and Likeness of God. See Adam for the significance of his name.
1:26-27 — creation of humankind
1:27 — New Testament references to "the beginning"
1:31Meaning of "very good"
2:4 — See note from Jewish Study Bible here re where the division between the two narratives is.
2:6 — Inundation or irrigation watered the garden that God created in Eden
2:7 etc See Literal and Figurative Creation in the Bible
2:7BASF; Breath of Life; made from the dust
2:9,17Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
2:17BASF Clause IV and "Thou shalt not eat thereof..."; The Two Trees
2:17 cf. 3:3 — the first mistake, an example of Adding to the Word
2:18-20 — Creation of animals and birds and the search for a partner for the man. Translators' efforts to harmonise the two Genesis creation narratives.
2:20-23Biblical Objections to Evolution
2:21-22Adam's Deep Sleep, Eve
2:24 — See New Testament references to "the beginning"
3:6 — "existence" of the sin
3:14-15Problems with Literal Readings of Genesis 2:4-3:24
3:15-19,22-23 — BASF Clause V
3:17 - translation — the word Adam possibly used as a personal name (as per Masoretic Text)
3:17-19The punishment of Adam (PQRC 8)
3:19BASF Clause III
3:20 — biassed translation in New International Version (NIV)
3:22-24The Tree of Life; knowing good and evil
4:13-14, 4:14-15,17,25,17-26,5:3-4,6:1-2 — see Biblical evidence that people are not descended from a single male ancestor
5:1-5 — Adam's daughters; the first time adam is a proper name ("Adam") - see "adam" the common noun
5:3-4Does the text say Adam had daughters before he begot Seth?
chh 7 - 9 — The Flood
6:1-3The Breath of Life
6:4 — cited by C. C. Walker as possible support for evolution of birds
6:17The Breath of Life
7:4Theistic Meteorology analogous to Theistic Evolution
7:11The waters above and below the earth & "the fountains of the great deep"
7:22 — נשמת־רוח חיים Neshamah Ruach hayyim "the spirit of the breath of life"
8:2The waters above and below the earth
8:21 — entry of sin and death into the human world
12:3 — part of a composite New Testament reference.
13:14-17 — BASF Clause XXI
14:18-22El Elyon, the most high God
18:25Asking the hard questions
18:27Humankind is made from the dust. Cited in BASF Clause IV
22:18 — part of a composite New Testament reference.
28:12-13The Image and Likeness of God
22:18 — BASF Clause VII
36:31-43 — a passage of Genesis not written by Moses, according to Robert Roberts.
46:15Compressed Genealogies
48:16 — guardian Angels


The Beginning

Translation of Genesis 1:1
1:1-3 Bereshith in construct form
Wilfred Lambert on the translation of Genesis 1:1
Before the Beginning
Before the world existed
The Primal Sea
"Phenomenal" and limited astronomical language: Language of the Bible

The End of the Beginning

Does the Genesis text rule out further creation?
Was the entire creation "finished" in 2:1 or does 2:3 mean that the Creation was created to continue creating itself?

Discussion of the Creation account(s)

Word usage

the create-form-make trio
the word and name אדם adam
2:3 — God's "rest"
Use of the word "Record"
2:6 — Inundation or irrigation watered the garden that God created in Eden

How many creation accounts?

Comparing the two accounts of the Creation in Genesis (Are there two accounts?)
Other references to creation in Scripture

Approaches to Reading

Problems with Literal Readings of Genesis 1:1 to 2:3
Non-literal days in the Bible
  • 2:4-25 Overview of the "second account"
Problems with Literal Readings of Genesis 2:4-3:24

2:7Created, Formed and Made, Formed from the dust, The Breath of Life and Where was Adam formed?
2:8 — Adam was not made in the Garden of Eden

Eden as background to New Testament — Chapters 1 to 5 (N. T. Wright)

Credal and Controversial matters

See also

Biblical Dates and Genealogies